Imagine a device that let’s you touch music. Consider the flavor of a dessert that evokes the color red. Catch the scent of a triangle shape. The Art and Neuroscience of Synaesthesia International Exhibition might give you all of these opportunities and more!

Our IASAS board of directors and Artistic Director Daniel Schuster are working diligently to lay the foundation for The Art and Neuroscience of Synaesthesia International Exhibition. ANSIE will be hosted in Los Angeles, California in Spring 2017. Currently, IASAS is in talks with a major Los Angeles university who will lend support to the ANSIE endeavor, and provide opportunities for a scientific symposium focused on synaesthesia. Additionally, we are in dialogues with the Building Bridges Art Exchange, where IASAS hopes to present art installations created by major synaesthete artists. This unprecidented venture will provide the Los Angeles area community opportunites to connect with the synesthetic experience through interaction with art and science. Additionally, ANSIE will support research that explores the mechanisms and impacts of synaesthesia.